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Telecom Consulting Services

Turn knowledge, experience and data into actions, tangible results and value for your business

The Digital Age Is Disrupting How You Look At Telco Risk

Telecommunication networks form the backbone of today’s connected life, setting service providers up for a wide range of challenges and opportunities. The Mobileum Consulting team helps its service provider clients turn executive vision into an executable strategy - with exceptional business outcomes. Success factors:
  • Experience working with a variety of global wireline, wireless, cable, satellite and alternative service providers
  • Unique combination of business, industry and technology skills
  • Standardized approach, proven tools, accelerators, and methodologies

The Building Blocks Service Providers Need To Forge Their Future-Proof DNA

Enhanced network structures and new business models enable service providers to explore new opportunities but also to tackle new challenges. The consulting team has the recipe to help telcos rewire themselves to work in agile ways and become data-driven:
  • Define the vision and align roadmap to strategic priorities
  • Improve journeys towards digital transformation
  • Process simplification and IT deployments
  • New operating models: Agile and DevOps
  • Implementation of an analytics-driven culture

Mobileum Consulting Services

We help our clients renew their business processes by analyzing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

The Mobileum Advantage

The Mobileum consulting team offers insight and tools to help services providers maximize growth,avoid potential pitfalls and protect revenue loss. From mobile broadband and network infrastructure to the evolution of devices, Mobileum provides access to professionals with meaningful, hands-on experience. Specialists are versed across a number of critical industry issues, including IoT, roaming management, network security, revenue assurance, fraud management, margin optimization, mobile money, and vertical-market opportunities.

Telecom Consulting Services
Areas Of Coverage

Governance, Risk and Compliance
We help you integrate and align governance and compliance initiatives to eliminate duplication, conflicts, wastefulness, and gaps, by leveraging risk management software and best practices that comply with regulatory requirements.
We offer a complete range of security services, alongside consulting and security assessments, ranging from risk assessment, security planning, system design, security audits, and investigation.
We help you understand the full breadth of your value chain to grasp competitive opportunities and optimize profitability.
Fraud Management
We help you by clearly identifying risks, employing advanced analytics, reengineering fraud case response, and ultimately improving the customer experience. The result is increased protection against sophisticated forms of attack, boosted customer loyalty, engagement, and value.
Business Operations & Support
The WeDo consulting team can design inspirational customer journeys and determine how to best scale and embed these journeys into the organization for bottom-line impact.
Roaming Optimization
The consulting team, in close cooperation with the data scientists, uses a powerful array of optimization, simulation and project scheduling techniques to identify actions that will produce optimal results, while operating within resource limitations and other relevant restrictions.

Why Mobileum Consulting Services?

Global footprint
Leverage our experts’ global insights to address local challenges and implement the latest in best practices.
360-degrees approach
Mature telco-specific methodologies, combined with deep analytics and a dedicated team of data scientists, span every stage of the delivery journey - from ideation to live production.
Evaluating existing practices, we provide expert advice to identify the best combination of people, processes, practices, and technology that will deliver tangible and measurable financial benefits.

Give us, your business challenge and provide us the data. We deliver the results.

Schedule a meeting and see what our telecom consulting team can do for your business.

Working Together With UTS Curacao

United Telecommunication Services (UTS), owns and operates multiple media and telecommunication businesses across different island territories, which includes Curacao, Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Martin, St. Barths, St. Eustatius and Saba.
During this project, our highly qualified consultants defined and implemented a risk assessment in conjunction with our client representatives, to accelerate the deployment of a Revenue Assurance department from scratch in UTS.

Risk Management As A Strategic Tool For Value Creation

Mobileum Telecom Consulting Services aim to transform your risk management practice focus from value safeguard to value maximization. Instead of being compliance-focused and disconnected from strategic and operational decisions, our services enable you to adopt a value-focused approach, based on risk optimization and linked to core operational decisions. By performing an independent assessment of the company’s risk management practices, our team will provide you real, practical insights for management and how should they evolve according to best practices.

Roaming Transformation Services

Mobileum roaming transformation services help CSPs to streamline roaming relationships, enhance QoE and improve efficiency across roaming partners

Over the next five years, mobile subscriptions will increase a modest 2 percent annually to 8.9 billion, according to Ericsson, but cellular IoT connections will quadruple to over 4 billion. Data traffic per smartphone will increase six-fold to 21 GB/month.  This includes all types of cellular devices – smartphones, IoT wearables, tablets, and others – which will all roam with the subscriber.

Besides the technical interconnection requirements, roaming includes a contractual arrangement between operators who agree to carry traffic for each other’s subscribers through bi-lateral peering agreements or through agreements with GRX/IPX providers. Mobileum's Roaming consulting services can help you design your roaming strategy by delivering an in-depth understanding of the solutions available to create value, increase revenue and sustain business growth.

Risk Consulting Services

Find out how Mobileum can help you find an alternative approach to your company’s in-house operational planning, implementation, staff, training and ongoing operations.

Consulting Services For The Next Generation Telco

Our consulting team adopts a team-based approach to its consultancy assignments. Continuous and consistent service is delivered throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that a client’s requirements are fully met. Furthermore, Mobileum leverages the expertise of its consultants, with their broad mix of project management, audit, operational, technical, IT and analytical skills, to offer a superior service to its clients. We are focused on quality management and that is visible through the consistent approach to all aspects of client management, ranging from business development to project conclusion.

Our approach for telecom security

Our security assessment mythology brings security management capabilities powered by automation and intelligence and our managed services can provide a fully secure operations offering end to end.

Mobileum’s Penetration Testing is a service that searches for signaling weaknesses in your network to avoid costly data breaches when delivering services to the end-users. Penetration test reports provide operators with the structured detail of the pen test audits after the engagement has completed, as well as recommendations to address issues they impact customers or the bottom line.

The Mobileum security assessment report

A crucial component of the testing is the results. Mobileum provides a post-test report that offers a plethora of information, including actionable data and a guide of recommendations. As part of the report, Mobileum will deliver:
  • Test methodology
  • Details of the vulnerabilities identified within the CSP’s signaling network
  • Conclusions regarding the level of security and overall network protection
  • Descriptions of the main areas of concern, including information regarding key areas that are at risk of being exploited
  • Recommendations to mitigate identified vulnerabilities

Mobileum Analytics Consulting

Risk Analytics
Use data to make better decisions and mitigate risk.
  • Evaluate customers’ credit risk and bad debt potential
  • Predict disputes and amount of credits
  • Understand network performance and prevent outages
  • Monitor devices’ inventory
Revenue Analytics
Maximize revenue streams by understanding its drivers.
  • Evaluate dealer risk and fraud potential
  • Optimize dealer incentive strategies and channel performance
  • Mitigate revenue volatility
Customer Analytics
Improve customer experience and maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Understand drivers behind customer churn
  • Identify next-best offer for every individual customer
  • Improve customer service
  • Forecast and reduce the cost of service by understanding customers’ preferred method of communication