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A quality assurance solution to guarantee the best experience for live and on demand video

Video services are critical to mobile operators’ strategies. Already in 2022 82% of all IP traffic was video. To stay competitive, reduce OPEX and churn, and tap into new revenue streams, service providers must offer absolute faultless video quality, a key factor driving customer satisfaction. 

Mobileum’s Video Quality Testing Suite is an end-to-end active service assurance solution to test, monitor, troubleshoot, and benchmark video services. It is a very flexible quality of experience testing approach for both live and on demand content with the focus on the customer perspective. Real-time alarms flag quality problems before a business impact.
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Powerful metrics generated by 3 quality complementary testing methods

Mobielums’ Video Quality testing solution addresses a wide range of use cases that thoroughly map video services based on key quality of service and experience criteria.  It uses these analysis methods:
  • Frame Level Analysis: Available for Set Top Boxes (STB) and provides standardized KPIs, independent of protocols or codecs. It leverages the capabilities of the Media Processing Unit (MPU) to capture and process on-demand or live video using a non-referenced model.
  • IP Level Analysis: Available for STB, YouTube app on smartphones and browsers. KPIs are generated based on bitstream analysis. It supports encrypted and unencrypted transmission.
  • Application level analysis, part of Mobileum’s Smartphone Experience: A flexible tool to test and monitor any video app, with user-defined scripts and high level KPIs. A video streaming app gives insight into the user experience.
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A robust media processing unit for video quality testing

Mobileum’s Media Processing Unit (MPU) uses frame level analysis, one of the most flexible methods for testing and monitoring live or on demand video content.

It captures the video stream directly on the HDMI interface from any HDMI output, such as Set-Top Box or Apple TV. The video source can be live or on-demand TV, OTT, etc. The MPU processes the captured video stream and analyzes each captured frame generating an extensive set of KIPs easily visualized in different charts and split according to the section in the video delivery chain more likely to introduce degradation. Alarms are based on defined KPI-distortion thresholds.

Examples KPIs for HDMI video quality as defined by the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) are:
  • Capturing & processing (content preparation)
  • Transmission (Delivery & Access)
  • Display & menu (End-Point)
  • IP KPIs
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Video quality testing for OTT applications to prevent audience loss

With OTT services available to the user at the click of a button, the risk of losing business is higher than ever. If content does not start streaming within 2 seconds, they will abandon the video. Each additional second of delay costs 6% of your audience. A quarter of it will be lost after 5 seconds! 

Mobileum’s Smartphone Experience Local Unit (SX-LU) generates an in-depth analysis of OTT video services performance, ensuring the best quality of experience. Our user-friendly flexible solution allows new test cases to be easily created and existing ones to be changed within minutes. Users can create test scripts for any video app and generate KPIs such as app launch duration, video start delay, content availability, etc.

Pre-defined test cases include:
  • Smartphone YouTube testing
  • Video app testing using Smartphone Experience studio
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YouTube test case

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services and is accessed from both mobile and fixed networks. Users typically associate degradation in performance with their network provider.

Mobileum’s YouTube test allows providers to validate their service perception by identifying the users’ real experience directly on the smartphone or data capable interfaces. The video quality testing is based on capturing and analyzing the Packet Capture (PCAP) associated with a YouTube session and the test cases provide a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for audio and video, in case of unencrypted video streams. For encrypted video streams, MOS-B is provided. Our tests also generate TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) KPIs that indicate packet loss, throughput, and bitrate.
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Video app testing with the Smartphone Experience Studio

When considering mobile video applications, the app's performance is equally important as the performance of the video stream. Mobileum offers an easy-to-use solution for testing video applications on Android and iOS devices.

Using the SX-LU and the flexibility of the Smartphone Experience Studio users can create test scenarios for any video app and monitor KPIs such as app launch duration, video start delay or video availability.

In addition, KPIs can be extracted from the diagnosis data provided by the video player and complemented with screenshots and key test steps. Test results are centralized and can be easily used for reporting, troubleshooting and alarming.  
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YouTube streaming test case

Real-time video quality measurement is the most effective method to evaluate a network’s readiness for video services. As video services are often accessed from PCs or laptops, our YouTube Streaming test case determines user experience based on how they perceive a service. Mobileum’s YouTube Streaming testing validates video quality by automating a real browser and playing a particular video.

It is a testing method that captures the YouTube service performance, as experienced by the end user. The Test Case provides KPIs for service performance and video quality, determined by measurements extracted directly from the native YouTube diagnostics tool. YouTube page access and browsing durations are also important metrics provided by our tool. Finally, using the same method as in the Smartphone based testing, the PCAP is analyzed to generate IP layer KPIs.

Netflix streaming test case

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services. Mobileum provides an easy-to-use test case that can be used for monitoring the availability and performance of Netflix. Using browser automation, the test case logins into Netflix and selects a video for playback. Once a title is activated to play, the native Netflix player is loaded in the browser and the video starts.

The test case is flexible in both start and end position of the video stream. Once the video is streamed for a parametrized duration, the test case “signs-out” and starts the post-processing of QoE KPIs. In the end, the test case activates the diagnostic mode of the player and extracts KPIs from the Netflix player diagnosis tool. The KPIs show buffer health, playing resolution and bitrate, audio track information, browsing step duration, etc. Validation is done for each step and screenshots are provided as result files.
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Video Performance Testing

Validate the best user experience, the make-or-break video service metric

Video quality tested in different points from different perspectives for the best service

To thoroughly map video service performance, Mobileum’s video testing solution includes a range of probes and testing equipment.

Quality is then verified using different analysis layers, which address the following use cases: Set Top Boxes (IPTV and Video on Demand) and OTT Services (YouTube video quality, browser-based Netflix streaming, and video app). They can be deployed in different points of the video delivery path: at the service provider (sends the video), at the network provider (transmits the video), and at the end-user premise (receives the video).

The latter could be a VIP customer or a shop, where you can demonstrate video quality to attract new customers.
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6 reasons why you need Mobileum’s Video Testing

Monitor the real User Experience
Playback quality and service delivery
User experience is often the first and only metric users judge your service, and nowhere more so than in OTT media.
User friendly scripting
Delivering video services perfectly the first time and every time and identifying disruptions are key to help prevent operational costs
Different 5G Test Methods
Service assurance prevents customers from unsubscribing and avoids bad publicity that damages your reputation and creates opportunities for competitors
Pro active monitoring
Quality insights and alarms
Customized, consolidated, and interactive charts showing quality and diagnostic metrics associated with real-time alarms help identify trends and promptly tackle issues.
optimze 5G rollout
Tap into new opportunities
Quality assurance when done right provides confidence and helps a company meet its clients' demands and expectations, builds trust and makes you competitive in the market.
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Perform pre-deployment service testing
Identifying unforeseen load and performance problems and punctually correcting issues that could adversely impact your operations are instrumental when launching a new service.

Our E2E active testing and machine learning tools validate your performance

Automated Mobile App Testing
 Our Automated Mobile App Testing allows 24/7 access to hundreds of real mobile devices over real carriers, in real locations. Our platform monitors performance and detects bugs before deployment with instant alerts. You can create user journeys with easy record-and-play test scripts or integrate existing scripts using our RESTful/Java API. 
Smartphone-based testing including 5G
For the ongoing monitoring of communication service providers (CSP) customer's experience and continued end-to-end testing of your 5G services, Mobileum test automation supports flagship 5G smartphone performance when it comes to measuring, monitoring and benchmarking network services and APP performance using 5G enabled devices. 
Customer Experience & Charging
As OTT service providers offer premium services to paying customers it becomes crucial to automate and monitor compliance with SLAs. For a time-critical communication service that is requested by a consumer, a data session with a suitable QoS flow profile needs to be established, according to a corresponding service subscription. 

Re-invent the customer experience with 5G video

Video streaming services have become part of everyday life. Revenues are expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2025) of 10.7%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$85,735m by 2025. Smartphones will account for about 86% of mobile data traffic by the end of 2021 and video will account for 78% of the world’s mobile data usage in 2021.

Traffic on future fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks is predicted to be dominated by challenging video applications such as mobile broadcasting, remote surgery, and augmented reality, demanding real-time, and ultra-high quality delivery.

Mobileum’s 5G testing solutions for QoS and QoE can help MNOs build their audience and loyalty during the delivery of differentiated video services to the consumer, while driving up their Net Promoter Score and create an industry-defining set of products and offers.
Re-invent the customer experience with 5G video

SITE ensures end-to-end network quality across all mobile technologies and services

Mobileum's SITE generates real-time traffic into the network emulating the real subscriber behavior. Probes are connected to our platform and placed strategically throughout the network to provide geographical coverage and fault localization, flagging problems before a business impact.

The resulting data is displayed in intuitive user-friendly dashboards and enables network quality analysis. Users can configure, schedule, edit and analyse tests according to their preferences. It is the fastest and most reliable way to ensure the successful launch of new services and technologies from the test lab to the live network. SITE minimizes the impact of network upgrades and architecture changes.

Our regression testing provides automated pre and post view of the service quality. It generates powerful and reliable KPIs for competitor and technology benchmarking as well as positioning.   
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Precise diagnostic, troubleshooting, reporting and alarming tools for QoS and QoE

SITE supports all technologies from 2G, 3G and LTE to IoT and 5G. It offers comprehensive end-to-end service assurance via Radio Access or via Core Network.

Our use cases cover voice, data, messaging, video, OTT (over the top) services, app performance, IMS Services, IoT, Emergency Services and eCall, and eSIM & Remote SIM Provisioning. To best address customers’ testing strategies, SITE can be deployed both on Premises or in the Cloud.

Users have optional access to the GlobalRoamer, Mobileum’s worldwide platform for international quality of service and experience. Combining both platforms, allows users to extend their voice, data, messaging or IoT testing to cover roaming scenarios.
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Video Testing and Mobileum Assurance Solution

Video Testing is a use case covered by our SITE Active Testing Platform, which supports 2G, 3G, LTE, IoT, and 5G and generates real-time traffic into domestic networks using probes strategically placed for geographical coverage and fault localization, flagging problems before impact, and emulating the real subscriber behavior.

SITE is part of Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS), a self-learning platform that supports DevOps and CI/CD/CT, optimizing root cause analysis and enabling operators to perform network upgrades and fully test new releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance, avoiding glitches before any customer impact.

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