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Test Factory

Understanding network performance and ensuring user experience

Automated testing assures superior customer experience and business monetization

Currently, the ability to review and validate the delivery and monetization of subscriber services is slow, expensive, and prone to human error. However, the Mobileum Test Factory tool, a state-of-the-art call scenario testing tool, allows CSPs to automate these manual processes for increased efficiency and ROI. By simulating the traffic your network typically handles across all radio access networks and performing validations on the results, Mobileum’s Test Factory brings a better understanding of network weaknesses and optimization opportunities.

Ensuring the user experience, anywhere, anytime…

Global tourism is at an all-time high, and travelers expect their communication services to work the same when they are roaming as they do when they are at home. The challenge to ensuring a consistent experience for subscribers means that today’s communication service provider (CSP) needs to be able to test services such as highspeed access and VoLTE for inbound and outbound users. These services also need to be validated at the initial setup of roaming agreements.

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Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Monitor multiple service scenarios in your network

Compared with other available solutions, Mobileum’s Test Factory extends well beyond the basic test call generator (TCG) capabilities. By utilizing its inherent auto-discovery to identify thousands of visitor location register (VLR) robots, Test Factory can perform extensive testing in search of malicious threats or inadvertent misconfigurations through the signaling layer, thus increasing the fault detection probabilities. The probability of threat detection in any interface is much improved due to the vast number of requests the system can generate. Test Factory enables service providers to identify problems in voice and data services, as well as in processes such as rating configuration, provisioning, and network consistency.

IREG and International Roaming Tester

The roaming subscriber is associated with both a host network and a roaming partner network. To assure subscriber service quality when launching services with new roaming partners for 2G/3G/LTE/VoLTE services, Mobileum Test Factory enables CSPs to test the International Roaming Expert Group (IREG) uses cases with new partner networks. Mobileum’s Roaming CEM expertise, coupled with its predictive intelligence capability, makes Mobileum the vendor of choice when it comes time to identify QoS compliant roaming partners.

Support for complete IREG testing

The IREG testing is part of the normal process of launching Roaming between two operators. International Roaming Expert Group (IREG), testing is important to benchmark the capabilities that two service providers must support before roaming agreements can be put into place. Test factory is a complete IREG management tool, supporting IR24, IR25, IR35, IR38, IR50 and IR32/60 since the successful execution of these test suites, is a prerequisite for a successful international roaming agreement between mobile network operators.

Your ally for roaming fraud detection

Roaming traffic contributes a significant percentage to an operator's revenue - and even a higher percentage to the operator's margin. To protect the health of the business, CSPs need to closely monitor the roaming experience, charging accuracy, and fraud control of inbound roamers on its network plus outbound roamers on its roaming partner networks. Test Factory enables service providers to test call scenarios to prevent fraudulent situations such as wholesale fraud, CLI spoofing, SIM box detection, OTT bypass, or False Answer Supervision (FAS).

Proactive Revenue Assurance

Test call generators (TCG) are often considered an engineering tool to gauge the quality of network functions. Automated test call generators, such as Mobileum’s Test Factory, can also proactively enhance revenue assurance by monitoring the completion, accuracy, and timeliness of events. For example, call scenarios can be replicated using the test call generator (TCG) functionalities of Mobileum’s Test Factory and then fed into the RA system to determine if any configuration performed will impact revenue or identify accidental misconfigurations.

Are you getting the VoLTE customer experience and revenue you expected?

CSP’s are beginning to shut down 3G networks, with many now using LTE networks exclusively. This means voice calls are now using VoLTE, and the existing charging and revenue paradigm will have to change. VoLTE calls are not charged simply according to the time of call; instead, the call will be a data session that will consume a data bucket. Using Mobileum Test Factory, service providers can validate the roaming behavior of its customers on VoLTE networks so that business models can be confirmed or adapted as needed. Also, based on the roaming customer experience, service providers can determine the best suitable roaming agreements to provide a reliable VoLTE connection that meets the service provider standards.

Accelerate VoLTE roaming

A guide to accelerate interoperability, by making interconnection, peering and roaming easier.

The 6 business benefits enabled by Mobileum Test Factory solution:

Maximize Wholesale Margins
Optimize wholesale roaming costs by meeting commitments more accurately and consistently than ever before.
Assure Customer Experience
Strike the right balance between margin and customer experience with subscriber, location, and device awareness.
Future-Proofed Technology
Offer seamless control of steering across technologies, including LTE, VoLTE, NFV, and 5G.
Analytical Insight
Utilize our best-in-class analytics to guide traffic based on QoS, business targets, and wholesale costs.
Interconnection KPI Tracking
Check if roaming partnerships are meeting the agreed-upon KPIs for service establishment.
Remote Radio Testing
Don’t wait to have someone in a particular country and network available to perform a test call to debug a problem - do it right away.

Enhanced protection against Call Stretching and FAS Fraud

Call Stretching and False Answer Supervision (FAS) are types of fraud applied to international voice calls. Call Stretching occurs when fraudulent carriers or transit providers record part of the conversation in a call. After the call is released on the B-side, it is kept on hold on the A-side with the recorded audio repeatedly played back. The call continues until the A-side realizes that there’s something wrong and hangs up.

With Mobileum Test Factory, CSPs can test these scenarios. Mobileum smart detection performs an automated comparison of the B channel voice to text conversation against the original recording to more quickly detect cases of fraud and stop being charged for illegal calls.

Mobileum Test Factory global footprint

By reaching thousands of VLRs around the world, Mobileum’s Test Factory solution enables CSPs to test international roaming agreements. CSPs are enabled to cross-check global partnerships, in addition to their customer’s roaming experience. The impact is widespread, benefiting not only the subscriber’s service experience but also the CSP, which can now speed up roaming agreements and troubleshoot any problem more quickly.

Monetize the investments in telecom network infrastructure

Building a reliable network that can support all of the new services demanded by today’s subscribers can be challenging without the right tools. Mobileum’s Test Factory ensures that the quality of service (QoS) between service delivery and customer expectations is always in alignment. Whether it’s caring for VIP customers addressing fault management, or reducing the costs associated with customer care, CSPs are empowered to address concerns proactively. With Test Factory, CSPs can run continuous voice, data, and SMS roaming tests over any technology - 2G/3G/4G/VoLTE/SIP/GTP - to safeguard QoS and ROI.

Deployment options that meet your needs

Mobileum Test Factory can be used in a variety of architectural scenarios, depending on CSP’s specific network design and requirements. Adopt the Mobileum Test Factory platform quickly and seamlessly by choosing the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources. Test Factory can be deployed on-premises for maximum control, in the cloud for fast time to value, or through a hybrid model that supports a variety of deployment scenarios – from on-premises to any public or private cloud.

Test Factory Case Study

Learn how automated testing saved an APAC operator time and money, with our cloud-based, in-network testing.

A smarter way to test your 5G environment

Rolling out 5G services quickly and efficiently, while securing a successful coexistence with 4G for continuous growth, is critical for today’s service provider. Mobileum Test Factory helps to transition service providers to assure the customer experience with VoLTE, IoT, and 5G roaming through end-to-end testing of roaming scenarios per GRQ principles (IR.81). Guarantee 5G revenue collection accuracy and service performance with Mobileum Test Factory.

Support for APP testing

Mobile apps are a global growth market, with a lot of new apps being developed and available to end-users every day. Test factory is a powerful testing tool that is able to test the most popular Apps in the target mobile network or Wi-Fi network to ensure the apps run smoothly and as expected in every network. Other features that can be used form test factory are related to operator native app testing (Roaming pack purchase, prepaid top-up, balance check), enterprise app testing (to ensure pre-lunch validation before go to market) and enterprise web portal navigation.

Leverage Test Factory information for Roaming CEM and proactive Risk Management.

Roaming Customer Experience Management (RCEM)
Delivering roaming services based on your QoS and QoE standards is a key point to retain customers.
Revenue Assurance
Proactively address revenue assurance validations across multi-technology vendors and a multitude of business support technology systems – to identify inconsistencies in the information that can lead to revenue leakage.
Fraud Management
Can you prevent, detect and manage fraud, all from a single platform? If not, it’s time to change your fraud management software.