Roaming Customer Experience Management


Roaming Customer Experience Management 

Deliver the roaming services that retain customers

Focus on the customer for high-revenue roaming services

Service satisfaction and customer loyalty can determine the success and P&L of roaming within a mobile operator environment. The biggest concern a roaming manager may face is how to measure, predict, and respond to roaming challenges to transform them into business opportunities. Only by having the right information will they be able to deliver high-quality roaming services with delightful customer experience. Mobileum’s RCEM provides real-time data analytics for off-the-shelf roaming customer experience use cases, augmenting human intelligence over networks, operations, care, marketing, and sales teams.

Go from network-focused into customer-centric operations

RCEM’s actionable analytics provide a complete view of customer satisfaction, revenue, and device and network performance metrics. Moreover, it helps operators to identify issues quickly and prioritize improvements based on their customer and business impact. Its holistic approach and quality monitoring management system provide real-time insights into subscribers’ roaming behavior as well as on the quality of services that partner operators offer, thus allowing carriers to improve the end-to-end experience for their roaming customers.

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Tailored indicators focused on service accessibility and user experience (SSI)

Mobileum’s RCEM includes advanced analytics that provides a comprehensive view of Single Service Indicators (SSI) for rich voice call setup, reasonable delivery time and data download rates for short message service (SMS) delivery, and voice over LTE (VoLTE) telecommunication data sets. RCEM can ingest data from third parties and process massive volumes of network data records to deliver client-centric KPIs. As defined by the GSMA standards, each KPI available on the product has a weight according to the relevance contributing to the single service indicator. 

Roaming Customer Experience Management

Maximize Revenue: Proactively Detect and Resolve Issues

Get unique performance quality scores for each of your roaming partners

Mobileum RCEM provides Global Country SQI Scores using interactive heat-maps that display the values of GSMA-standard Single Quality Indicator (SQI) for each country. Compelling subscriber quality of experience insights is delivered across the services provided in visited countries. In addition to the country SQI scores, RCEM also measures Network SQI scores, representing the service quality that subscribers experience on each roaming network. Individual service quality scores are defined as SSI (Single Service Indicator), representing the quality of the data, voice, SMS, with registration services calculated for each network. Using SQI and SSI scores’ daily metrics provides wholesale commercial teams the necessary insights for the negotiation processes with the roaming partners.

Industry standards thought leader and a proud contributor

Mobileum is a proud member of the GSM Association (GSMA). We are a long-standing contributor, working with industry peers to design industry standards for roaming. While Mobileum has been delivering roaming quality measurement capabilities for several years, GSMA recently specified roaming standards as part of their IR.81 Global Roaming Quality guidelines, a specification that Mobileum co-authored. IR.81 provides a neutral, objective, and proportionate framework for pro-active and reactive monitoring, assuring end-to-end roaming service quality, thus achieving a global perspective on roaming quality.

Accelerate VoLTE roaming

A guide to accelerate interoperability, by making interconnection, peering and roaming easier.

Tailored roaming experience driven by automated actions

Use real-time insights into key customer experience analytics to improve your roaming ARPU levels. The ability to steer according to quality of experience and service levels (QoE and QoS) enables operators to get the right balance between revenue and experience objectives, thus tailoring the experience to subscribers’ expectations. Mobileum roaming steering incorporates an extensive rules engine, combined with AI and ML, to shape the customer experience of the future.

Boost Customer Experience for VoLTE Roaming

Operators worldwide are transforming their networks to pure LTE with the closure of their 3G networks, making VoLTE mandatory for voice. Taking advantage of machine learning and sophisticated CX algorithms, Mobileum RCEM supports operators with a real-time understanding of VoLTE roaming performance. With RCEM, operators will be able to determine in real-time if the subscriber is a VoLTE customer, the device type, the subscriber’s location, if there is a VoLTE option, and if there is a relevant agreement in place. MNOs can also take advantage of Mobileum automated steering to ensure that only VoLTE subscribers with the right handsets are steered to pure LTE networks, while other subscribers can be kept on 3G networks.

6 ways RCEM will transform your insights into customers’ perceptions of services.

Uniquely Score Network Quality and CX
Unique measurement models to derive SSI, SQI of networks, and R-CX score at the subscriber level. Move from network/resource-centric indicators to customer experience focused metrics.
Data Analytics-Driven
RCEM data analytics platform delivers deep insights into subscribers’ roaming network experience, providing comprehensive insight into customers’ perceptions of roaming services offered by MNOs.
Bird’s Eye View on CX indicators
Get instant access to subscribers’ roaming experience across current and previous trips. A comprehensive range of dashboards allows marketers and sales teams to evaluate business performance and customer engagement and overall experience.
Roaming Steering & Testing Integration
Prioritize and automate existing processes that lead to roaming experience improvement. Roaming testing proactively validates quality issues, while automated steering delivers flexible network selection management to mitigate identified quality issues.
VIP & Corporate Customers
Apply tailored alarms and reports for particular interest inbound roamers, such as VIPs & corporate customers. This assures the quality of international roaming service while capturing growing roaming traffic revenues from high ARPU groups.
Comprehensive Troubleshooting
Gain extensive insights into any layer, from general network statistics down into specific incidents. Drill down to subscribers’ messages, at parameter level, in support of swift troubleshooting of roaming issues. Correlate the entire end-end chain of events into a continuous service analysis.

Real-time Insights with Mobileum CX Probes

Measure customer experience across multiple networks and devices with Mobileum’s automated programmable probes that emulate customer behavior. Gain granular insights of customer calls and data sessions to achieve a rich and accurate view of the customer experience. Mobileum’s CX probes support broadband data over 100 Gbps, delivering the ability to monitor and analyze hundreds of thousands of RTP streams. By providing a single view into the end-to-end monitoring of the entire network, Mobileum CX probes help operators to assess roaming environment QoS and QoE, as well as rapid root cause analysis during service assurance monitoring.

The RCEM Advantage
Drive performance with network and customer analytics

  • Unique ways to score Partner Networks - based on the experience of roamers
  • Intelligent Machine Learning-based thresholds for raising alerts
  • GRQ IR.81 compliance
  • Outage detection portal enables faster problem detection
  • Fault prediction for fixing issues before they escalate
  • Dedicated outage detection portal to identify network issues and prioritize based on impact
  • Visual graphics and heat-maps provide information in an easy to digest format
  • Intelligent analysis tools with dashboard, query, reporting and alarm functions
  • Actionable insights with integration to steering, campaign management, and active testing
  • Unique R-CX scoring
  • VIP monitoring
  • Dedicated portal for Customer Care and VIP tracking
  • Track overall experience “at a glance”
  • Deep dive troubleshooting with protocol analyzer and subscriber tracing

Mobileum Network Services Portfolio

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Proactively detect and resolve issues before compromising revenue

Mobileum’s RCEM centralizes the roamer’s behavior, both real-time and historical data, in a single interface for easy monitoring, alarming, and troubleshooting. By providing customer reps with the right signaling and traffic information and drill-down capabilities, it’s possible to identify issues and quickly troubleshoot processes by initiating remedial action earlier - all before roamers are impacted. This reduces customer care complaints and plays a crucial role in reducing churn and improving net promoter score (NPS).

Negotiate better agreements with network intelligence

Usually, wholesale negotiation is based on cost without considering the quality of the network and the experience it provides to roamers. But with RCEM, operators can manage how they route traffic to foreign destinations—checking costs, quality, and other variables that may have a significant impact on margins, and ensure they are receiving the expected quality from carrier partners. With this type of insight, combined with Mobileum’s Roaming steering products, operators are empowered to manage negative experiences and network outages to provide an enhanced quality of service to their customers.

Our roaming solutions, built on machine learning, offer the best technology to enable fast innovation.

Retail Business Advisor
Enable connectivity to roaming subscribers by delivering compelling offers that allow them to use cellular data at affordable prices.
Steering of Roaming
Steering of roaming, or “preferred roaming” allows operators to decide which partner their subscribers will use while roaming.
Monitor and control network use in real-time to boost roaming revenues. Support the creation and enforcement of a wide range of roaming service packs, across voice, SMS, and data services.