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Unlock the opportunities of eSIM with our platform

Unlock the opportunities of eSIM with business travelers

Business travel is the second-largest cost after employee salaries. Today, business travelers require easy self-booking and better travel options. Together, companies want to reduce costs and improve the return on investment of their corporate travel.
As corporate travel requirements become more demanding, many companies start to implement tools that can help them optimize the online travel booking process, improve employees' business trip experience, and help them stick to their travel budget. Like travel management portals, MNOs can bring additional value to their enterprise customers with real-time connectivity management capabilities easily accessible to their IT teams.
Unlock the opportunities of eSIM with business travelers

A new standard for enterprises to activate eSIMs to their business travelers

For many business travelers, it is imperative to stay online even when they are traveling abroad to their branch offices. Always connected computers, smartphones and wearables enable today’s business travelers to remain in contact with teams and access their corporate tools such as e-mail wherever they are.

Mobileum’s eSIM platform allows mobile network operators (MNOs) to bring eSIM connectivity management into a corporate mobile device management portal. Enterprise IT teams that want to temporally allocate connectivity to business travelers and their eSIM based devices can now do it from a pool of available eSIM profiles provided by an MNO.
Activate eSIMs to business travelers

See how Mobileum can help protect & grow your business

Over 900 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

MNOs can compete through differentiation, thus driving revenues up

For operators, eSIM represents a real opportunity for them to strive. For business travelers, eSIM typically isn’t as cheap as local data packages, but costs less than most roaming options.

Mobileum’s eSIM platform delivers a new source of revenue as well as a customer retention opportunity for mobile network operators that want to enhance their enterprise market offer. Leveraging the Mobileum eSIM platform, MNOs can revamp their go-to-market for corporate accounts by reviewing their product offer, and how they engage customers during business development and sales.
  • Capture the revenues from recurring global travelers from local enterprises;
  • Subscription-based model where you charge based on the clients’ active SIMs per month;
  • Expand the pricing for individual usage based on the business case and customer relationship;
  • The eSIM Profile Management portal puts the Mobile Profile Management (MPM) in the hands of the enterprise;
  • Eliminate boring routines by reusing the building blocks of proven eSIM profiles to create new profiles.
eSIM brings differentiation

Allow enterprises to configure traffic policies for each of the business travelers

Mobileum’s eSIM platform lets enterprise customers manage the end-to-end lifecycle pool of eSIMs for business travelers' mobile services from an easy to use web interface.

Administrators can order new eSIMs and manage their current usage plans contracted with the supplier, manage the eSIMs allocation to profiles, track profile order requests as well as allocate traffic policies. From the Mobile Profile Management (MPM) portal, IT administrators can set up the individual as well as bulk policies for the usage of cellular data and voice minutes for an individual or group of eSIM users, as well as to track costs throughout the organization.

In addition to passive monitoring, platform administrators can set alerts to notify users when eSIMs are about to exceed their allotted limits, set thresholds to block further usage, and even set follow-up actions when a threshold is about to hit.
traffic policies configuration

Reduce KYC challenges with self-service validation processes

For regulatory and compliance reasons, we offer robust Know Your Customer (KYC) checks that considers all aspects of the customer journey, from the eSIM request right through to the document authentication process.

Depending on the country and the legislation a form of check via a government-issued document with photo identification may be required, such as Passport, Driving License or ID Card. For existing business travelers, the platform can just pick on stored information where an ID document is already on the database, allowing the eSIM request workflow to simply initiate the User Authentication Process, using previously authenticated data from within your customer identity database.

As part of our KYC validation mechanisms, we offer a wide range of options from fully automated identity verification to semi-automated and IT-assisted verification.
self-service validation processes

Simplified eSIM onboarding for the business travelers

As part of the easy onboarding process, Mobileum’s eSIM platform allows self-service provisioning via fully automated workflows. After the user approval, the service usage timelines are defined, the service usage policies are in place for each of the user profiles, and the platform manager can use an internal workflow to send a reusable QR code with the eSIM activation instructions.

The solution allows eSIM profiles to be sent to the subscriber home country, even before the business traveler goes abroad, or access a printable version of the QR code, which can be scanned to download an eSIM subscription when the traveler arrives at the foreign country. All these features are available from the dynamic eSIM allocation portal, which MNOs can deliver through n SaaS model for their enterprise customers.
eSIM onboarding

Get further monetization with eSIM VIP profiles

Users of eSIM profiles will lose their provisioning credentials when their service usage timeframe ends as configured by the IT administrator. This requires registering a new eSIM profile every time that the user travels abroad to the remote office.

As part of the eSIM allocation service, the platform can assign and lock profiles to VIP users that want to keep services always running. This also gives MNOs an extra opportunity of monetization by pushing more eSIMs available on the allocation platform to each of their enterprise customers. The eSIM platform holds a list of all the profiles available to associated companies, but only the ones available for usage can be activated.
monetize the profiles

Uncover hidden opportunities to monetize eSIM

Monetizing opportunities is essential for unlocking digital transformation success -- including new sources of revenue and customer engagement. Mobile network operators (MNOs), should see eSIM as an opportunity to expand their business by selling additional profiles to multinational corporations, hotel chains to deliver to their guests, travel agencies, airports, and many others. Indeed, in saturated markets, this can represent a real growth opportunity.

eSIM also represents an opportunity to develop new device plans, such as bundled offers, while connecting multiple devices with one contract. By allowing customers to add new devices to their plans without having to receive a physical SIM card in-store or in the mail, eSIM will make device bundling significantly easier.
Monetize eSIM

6 good reasons why MNOs should deploy Mobileum’s eSIM enterprise platform

Loyalty and retention
Our eSIM enterprise platform / the/our platform / it llows mobile network operators (MNOs) to bring eSIM connectivity management into a corporate mobile device management portal for enterprises to pick them from a pool of available eSIM profiles provided by an MNO.
Monetization opportunity
The platform enables MNOs to monetize eSIM opportunities. Contracts can be established to increase the recurring revenue from the enterprise accounts. New service offers to engage customers during business development and sales.
Extend the sales team
Accelerate your sales process with the eSIM platform. Have your enterprise customers leverag eSIM profile request as a role of a facilitator in putting more eSIMs on the street without further waits.
Online self-service features
With customers increasingly preferring to contact their MNOs online, rather than via a traditional call center or dealer outlet, the online portal can deliver the 24x7 self-service tools for online self-service features.
Provisioning Workflows
Access workflows built to match client requirements ranging from service request, automated activation to usage policies. All eSIMs policies can be provisioned with off-the-shelf workflows that can rapidly be customized to the case, with no changes on the architecture.
Increase ARPU
The GSMA predicts that by 2023 at least 20% of new global smartphone connections will occur via eSIM. Mobileum’s platform helps to acquire high-ARPU subscribers in a few minutes with a few clicks, attract international roamers, and drive acquisition and monetization.

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