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Enhanced Caller ID

A step forward in caller ID for business with rich content display

Monetize how brands can set up branded Caller ID

Mobileum’s Enhanced Caller ID, is a monetization platform that allows telecom operators to leverage their network information, to empower identity, and promote trust in personal and business mobile communications.

Using the branded call display, and configuration capabilities available on Mobileum’s platform, mobile operators can leverage Enhanced Caller ID capabilities to sell services to trusted companies that want to stimulate their brand with every customer outreach to increase response rates.
Branded call display can be a valuable resource for brand recognition providing an effective way for your customers to register their business with specific Caller Name Delivery (CNAM) data, and for end-users find out more about the companies calling them before they pick up the phone.

Verified caller mechanism to ensure trust and credibility

As part of the security and governance best practices, the platform delivers advanced features to register and validate information into a Customer Name and Address (CNA) database Furthermore, the built-in trust mechanisms require brands to apply for the approval to send rich multimedia custom content to end-users receiving the calls.

To increase trust, Mobileum’s Enhanced Caller ID delivers a repository to host verified information of businesses that populate end-users’ screen information as a call arrives. Through the programmability of the platform, businesses can also assign a purpose for each call to give further context. This verification process ensures that calls are verified as legitimate, and coming from who is displayed on the phone screen. 

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Over 900 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Brands can start by extracting value from their 15-character Caller ID (eCNAM Extended Name)

How many times end-users refuse to answer a phone because the caller ID looked suspicious. For many brands customizing the outbound caller ID is the first step to ensuring that their calls get picked up.
Enhanced Caller ID online portal allows brands to update the 15-character caller ID with a company name, department, and/or reason for calling. With just a few simple clicks, the solution can deliver optional use cases and periods, making outbound calls begin displaying the new message within a few minutes. Due to the enhanced call log feature, even if an end-user misses a customer brand call, the business name is retained in the phone’s device call log – which increases the likelihood that the end-users call back to the brand.

Monetize further by allowing your customer to deliver content-rich display (CNAM Plus)

Telemarketing calls have made consumers hesitant to answer their phones. Enterprises and brands strive to reach their customers - even for calls that their clients want.
Mobileum’s Enhanced Caller ID platform was developed for telecom operators do develop a service for enterprises and brands that want to leverage the multimedia capabilities of today’s smartphones allowing content-rich display.
Information made available on the end-user display can feature full names, websites/social media links, images and even advertisements. For example, a restaurant chain confirming a pizza delivery could have the branded expected delivery time and location update.

6 good reasons why brands will acquire Enhanced Caller ID services from telecom operators

Increases answer rates
Brand name or a custom message appears on the consumer’s mobile device each time you call, helping identify your company and increasing answer rates.
Drive More Revenue
Getting through to more customers helps businesses complete more transactions, take more orders, and reduce product returns.
Deliver a new digital experience
Enhanced Caller ID allows businesses to provide a wide range of real-time and tailored information.
Reinstate trust
A feature of Enhanced Caller ID is ‘verified sender’. Any brand or company that wants to send messages to their customers will have to go through a rigorous verification process.
Online portal
Provides an intuitive online portal to where brands can submit their Caller ID graphics and information.
Stir/Shaken Integration
The service also leverages the latest capabilities of STIR/SHAKEN standards compliance to protected consumers from calling number spoofing.

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Online Portal rich content submission and approval

Mobileum’s Enhanced Caller ID provides an intuitive online portal to where brands can submit their Caller ID graphics and information. The easy-to-use content management system allows your customers to create a caller ID graphical message in just a few minutes, as well as customize everything using pre-built designs or using their own.
As part of the features, there are also real-time previews to check progress on the design. Unlike Caller ID apps on the market today, by making it available on the operator side makes it a native feature that does not require an app download. These are the key highlights:
  • Web Portal to provision eCNAM Extended Name and CNAM Plus against Enterprise numbers;
  • Approval process inside Enterprise, and Operator. Without approval, the new image will not be used in calls;
  • Consumers may also provision pre-curated list of images. No custom text message will be allowed in the call.

Build trust with Signaling Proxy and inbuilt Policy Engine

To retrieve eCNAM data, the service provider formulates queries using a search key to retrieve the name and metadata. The search key is a user identity obtained from the incoming SIP INVITE. Most commonly, the service provider uses an E.164 TN as that search key. Other identities could be used to retrieve the eCNAM data.
Nevertheless, not every business can become a Verified Caller. Each one must first pass a verification process by the telecom operator before its information can be shared using Enhanced Caller ID. Service providers can restore trust to voice calling since Enhanced Caller ID will support call authentication capabilities with the Signaling Proxy and with inbuilt Policy Engine, verifying caller authenticity and reputation.
The service also leverages the latest capabilities of STIR/SHAKEN standards compliance to protected consumers from calling number spoofing.