Flash Calls

Flash Calls

Protect your A2P business from the use of Flash Calls.

A threat into network operators’ SMS revenue

Flash calls are a new way to verify someone's number without involving an SMS code, the latter requiring users to go back and forth between messages and the app. When asked to verify themselves for a specific app, users can opt for the flash call method. The app will then make a proxy call to the subscriber's number but will not pick it up because it only authenticates the number.

Since calls are not answered, they do not generate any revenue for the receiving network. The problem, until now, has been that there was no seamless solution for MNOs to control the Flash Calling environment. This lack of control prevented them from defining related trunks and a rate (A2P), while rejecting calls coming from other (P2P) trunks.

Increase network visibility over flash calls

Flash calling authentication leverages mobile voice networks to authenticate a user or transaction via an originating phone number. While the operator cannot bill for missed calls, it also has the added disadvantage of poor network visibility and cannot detect this type of traffic. The last few digits of the phone number are then automatically used for authentication, rather than requiring the user to input a code manually that was delivered by SMS.

Mobile Network Operators will need to implement solutions that can identify this traffic, allowing them to provide a way of monetizing flash calls by differentiating traffic and providing the underlying network connection.

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It all comes down to monetization opportunities. Fraud or revenue assurance?

Banks, travel, transportation, healthcare, and other verticals are increasingly using A2P messages to send notices, authentications, and confirmations to their customers. For these businesses, high-quality messaging termination is a must. As some of these industries look for more cost-effective and secure verification alternatives to SMS, flash call (A2P Voice) authentication is becoming an option for some companies.

Compared to SMS, flash calls present lower costs, improved customer experience, and security. Flash calls also provide MNOs with the opportunity to leverage a new revenue stream rather than blocking it as fraud.

The Pre-Packaged Approach to Fight Against Flash Calls

RAID is a pre-packaged solution that allows CSPs to evaluate their network traffic and detect fraudulent behaviors and deviations of subscriber usage.

The solution makes use of a complex rule library combined with advanced profiling techniques on top of a wide range of data such as CDR information, signaling (SIP, SS7, and Diameter) as well as test call generator (TCG) analysis to help on specific fraud scenarios.

Monitor A2P voice as a voice monetization opportunity

Flash calls can deliver significant advantages to the entire industry because they are more secure than traditional SMS 2-Factor Authentication since there is no content to intercept or manipulate. This use case is particularly rewarding for players in the Payments and Financial space.

While flash calls pose a significant threat to established A2P SMS revenue, Network Operators can protect these revenues with the flash call monetization service offered by Mobileum revenue analytics for voice A2P.

Choose How You Want Your Subscription App Deployed

Adopt the RAID platform and choose the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources. If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, Mobileum provides an alternative in private and hybrid cloud models to deploy RAID with its prebuilt risk management modules or apps.
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RAID risk management software is easy to use and highly configurable

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RAID for Fraud Management is Powered by Mobileum's Active Intelligence Big Data Analytics Platform

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Big Data Analytics
Adopt stream data integration as part of your data management strategies for real-time integration and analytics. Address the problem of matching continuously income events to evolving fraud patterns with Active Intelligence's complex event processing (CEP). Accelerate fraud detection and react faster to emerging threats with real-time data stream analysis.

Get all the insights to track and trace flash calls

As important as detecting flash calls is having the capability to distinguish them from legitimate voice calls or fraudulent robocalling scenarios. It is essential to avoid blocking legitimate voice calls that can be misidentified as fraudulent by an unqualified fraud prevention tool. Using traditional techniques applied to Wangiri and robocalling fraud is not the ideal solution for addressing flash calls, but they can provide key ingredients for monitoring them. Mobileum leverages a portfolio of systems that support SIP/CAMEL/Diameter interaction with the core network to identify flash calls on your network.

With over 20 years of experience in revenue management, Mobileum can provide this service.

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Future-Proof Your Fraud Management Strategy By Adopting Machine Learning

Rule-Based Approach
An extensive rules library provides immediate fraud awareness and increased accuracy
  • Optimize rules according to your needs
  • Greater accuracy and lower error rate
  • Immediate results
AI/Machine Learning
AI and Machine learning algorithms leverage data analysis processes to detect deviations and unknown fraud patterns
  • Rapid prediction and processing analysis
  • Past customer behaviors evaluation
  • Unlimited traffic analysis
Automatically block fraudsters using stolen identities to get access to service goods at omnichannel retail 
  • Real-time blocking
  • Fraud & Security contextual analysis
  • Wide range of fraud type protection

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All telcos can benefit from a proactive risk management strategy when rolling out new infrastructure. This means defining key risks, weighing their probability and impact on business drivers and developing your thinking on actions to take. Mobileum can support you in this.
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