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Threat Monitoring

Detection of cyber threats and suspicious traffic on telecoms’ networks

Telecoms’ network security is an imperative

Cyber security is an integral national security aspect. As the world and society depend more than ever upon interconnected telecommunication infrastructure to provide secure and reliable digital tools and connectivity, ensuring telecoms’ network security is critical for nationwide security. Regulators, however, often lack visibility and insights from telecoms’ network data traffic to assess, monitor, and investigate the telecommunications network risk of their country.

Deep Packet Inspection capabilities for threat monitoring

Mobileum Deep Network Analytics (DNA) produces insights while analyzing data in massive networks. Mobileum DNA extracts and transforms network data packets into valuable insights which can be used for cyber threats detection and monitoring. At the core of the Mobileum DNA is NCORE, a proprietary, industry-leading evolved Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) system, designed to extract, sift, and provide meaningful and contextual data. Combined with Mobileum proprietary signature intelligence, with which NCORE performs user and control plane capturing, inspection and decoding, Mobileum can detect and classify malicious activities, as well as suspicious network traffic, and further provide insights to Regulators for cyber threats monitoring.

Identify known malicious network activities and domains

Mobileum has detected and classified malicious network activities and domains access related to the source of malware and phishing’s sites. Grouped under the “Attack” category, network traffic from these known attack signatures can be detected and investigated, and affected subscribers on the telecom network can be monitored though DNS queries, application, and HTTP/S activity logs.

Threat Monitoring Datasheet

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Detect and investigate unknown and suspicious traffic

Too many unknown activity signatures can be a sign of illegitimate or malicious activity. Mobileum DNA technology platform allows to detect and investigate suspicious high-usage traffic. Through the Tracing solution for telecoms, users can record, visualize and download PCAP files for further analysis on the traffic content and to determine the legitimacy of the traffic.

Signatures and analytics for cyber security

Combining augmented signature intelligence that classifies traffic and application up to the component level (i.e., up to the service used inside an application) with advanced analytics, Mobileum allows the correlation of endpoint and network data for proactive security monitoring of high-value assets as well as a high level of assurance for high-value subscribers over otherwise untrusted access network and devices.