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Multiprotocol Signaling Firewall

Protection against network threats - at the protocol level

Cross-Protocol signaling analysis - for enhanced telecom security

Since the creation of the telecommunications industry, there has been a steady increase in the number of network protocols, the amount of communications traffic, and the types of network technologies. This growing complexity creates an urgent need for tools that can monitor, analyze and detect security breaches and anomalies across networks; especially as these different protocols and technologies increasingly begin connecting with each other. Mobileum offers a unique firewall that enables multiprotocol correlation across SS7, Diameter, GTP, MAP, SIP, CAMEL and HTTP/2. The multiprotocol correlation is a powerful tool to enhance communication security, e.g. Validating that a subscriber location is consistent across SS7, Diameter and GTP.

AI and rule-based protection

As a leading global provider of telecom signaling solutions, Mobileum has introduced artificial intelligence capabilities into its security threat detection engines. This enables increased prevention of malicious attacks under network signaling systems like SS7, Diameter, and GTP. Mobileum firewalls utilize a combined approach towards threat prevention; a rule-based approach for identifying “known knowns” (following the GSMA’s recommendations for category 1, 2 and 3 threats) which includes a set of proprietary rules-based upon our extensive market experience, and an approach that leverages the latest machine learning tools to identify unusual patterns identified from expert systems and machine learning, classifying new types of attacks related to emerging threats. This accelerates a carrier’s ability to rapidly identify and block new actors.

See how Mobileum can help protect & grow your business

Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

A firewall combining rules with AI

Operators face a rise of unknown threats that compromise signaling systems, changing the industry security landscape. Threats like DoS attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) exploiting telecom signaling protocols have shown that perimeter walls and relying solely upon rule-based firewalls (single protocol analysis) is not enough anymore. Augmented rule-based firewalls are powered by artificial intelligence enabling an immediate response to yet unknown security threats, which are undetectable by other firewall vendors. By applying layered protection that includes static and heuristic analysis, anomaly detection powered by machine learning, and sandboxing, we provide operators a comprehensive defense with real-time, multi-layered threat detection.

Why cross-protocol signaling correlation is a key differentiator

Cross-protocol correlation is the process of collecting diverse information from the numerous protocols that travel across the signaling network and using it to identify patterns and relationships. The key to advanced correlation is the ability to enforce advanced rules that correlate different events for security purposes. The ability to handle all signaling protocols in real-time is a powerful defense mechanism against attacks. Based on the results of the advanced correlation, Mobileum’s firewalls can send alerts or automatically activate defenses. For example, It should be expected to find a MAP Location update (LU) for a certain IMSI prior to, and consistent with GTP create session.

Full protection over a range of network signaling protocols

Today’s mobile communications networks are part of society’s critical infrastructure and have been woven into every aspect of our lives. Telecom operators have begun to realize that providing best-in-class security measures to every connected ‘thing’ on their network can become a key competitive differentiator - especially in a constantly changing threat environment. Signaling protocols are the foundation of mobile communications, so it is imperative that networks are adequately protected from the potential threats they enable.
Mobileum provides a market-proven solution that addresses the inherent risks of multi-signaling protocols, providing protection for today’s converged mobile networks.

Fraud & Security Case Study

How an integrated approach to fraud and security enhanced fraud protection in a Tier-1 Communication Service Provider.

Choose the best deployment option for your business requirements

Mobileum’s firewall solutions support cloud-based and on-premises deployments. Select whichever option best matches your business requirements, budget, and resources.
  • On-premises
    Maintain direct control by owning and operating your Mobileum firewall system within your own facilities.
  • Cloud
    All traffic flows through the Mobileum Cloud service, with 24x7 expert monitoring and attack mitigation.
  • Hybrid
    Retain internal control of your firewall solutions, with the option to redirect some traffic to our Mobileum Cloud service when needed.

Mobileum’s firewall handle GSMA Category threats 1, 2, 3 and beyond

Mobileum is a proud member of the GSM Association’s (GSMA) Fraud and Security Group. We are a long-standing contributor; working with our industry peers to design industry standards that protect against many types of security threats.

As part of our signaling firewall solution portfolio, Mobileum addresses the GSMA Category 1, 2 and 3 vulnerabilities and far beyond with the latest protection. We help define the latest GSMA standards and continuously update our solutions to keep our customers protected.

Deploy your signaling firewall in the most effective way

Mobileum’s signaling firewalls have several options of network integration - “overlay” and “In-line”. In the example of SS7, the overlay architecture, the signaling firewall sits as an adjunct to the Home STP, while in the “in-line” model, Mobileum’s signaling firewall has its own SCTP associations on either side, both the International carriers and the home STP. Mobileum also supports a hybrid model, combining the overlay and in-line models. Whatever is your network topology, Mobileum will help you understand what the best solution for your needs is.

Market-proven signaling firewall

Mobileum signaling security system is responsible for processing billions of messages every day. We have the knowledge and experience to secure any customer’s signaling network. Mobileum has a wide range of deployments, and we are proud to protect over 1 billion consumers in 40 countries from tier-1 to small operators. Mobileum has been acknowledged as the #1 innovator in a recent independent survey of over 180 solution providers.

Mobileum Security Intelligence Portfolio

Discover why CSPs all over the world, trust on Mobileum' solutions to implement a multilayered security program to prevent ongoing theft of subscriber data, and exposure of sensitive personal information.

Receive advanced reporting on threat alerts

Mobileum’s security solution includes an Advanced Reporting and Alerts module; ensuring all required protocol events are accurately logged and tracked. By integrating our solution with your existing alarm systems, response times are further reduced. Mobileum provides an efficient way to optimize the number of events that are generated so that our customers can be informed about the most critical threats.

Top 6 security challenges: Why mobile operators need a multiprotocol correlation approach for stopping telecom signaling attacks.

Customer trust
Mobile networks operators provide a critical service for a growing number of businesses that rely upon communications networks to be successful.
Siloed protocol analysis
Not every threat will be detected if you’re only looking at one protocol. Our layered approach combines information from several protocols, improving protection across the network.
Brand reputation
Subscribers want to be confident that their communications are secure. If not, an operator’s reputation – and their revenue – could be at stake.
Subscriber security
With a simple web interface, hackers can access your subscribers’ bank accounts - and drain them.
Protect subscribers’ information
When external entities try to access subscriber information, our solution will respond with fake/masked details
Protect your network from DoS attacks
With the growth of IoT and 5G, denial of service attacks will become even more common. The growing number of unprotected connected devices has already proven to be an entry point for DoS attacks targeting carriers’ core networks.

Mobileum Highlighted in Gartner Report

Mobileum named a 5G reference vendor in Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Identity and Access Management Technologies, 2020”

Enhanced security protection with contextual fraud analysis.

It is widely known that signaling protocols have several severe security weaknesses. By leveraging our security and fraud management products – plus a good measure of expertise – Mobileum gives customers a way to manage threats in real-time; providing an added layer of protection, even in the most secure environments.
Contextual security plus fraud analysis equals Actionable Intelligence
  • Extensive correlation of fraud enablers and methods
  • Pre-built fraud controls based on potential security breaches
  • Enhanced contextual analysis, for fewer false positives
  • Real-time fraud blocking on firewalls
  • Faster, sharper and smarter fraud detection and prevention

Transform you Firewall Management with Mobileum’s Managed Services

Effective management of your company’s firewall architecture can be the difference between having an effective, layered defense, or becoming the latest in a long string of companies to have suffered a massive data breach. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to cybersecurity. Every business has different needs that impact how your firewalls should be configured. Instead of blindly applying the same managed firewall solution to every MNO regardless of their needs, our managed services team leverages their experience to create a customized firewall configuration that provides optimal protection with minimal disruption.

Powered by advanced threat intelligence

Mobileum signaling firewall includes an advanced threat intelligence capability in order to produce a worldwide defense to the CSPs. With advanced threat intelligence, Mobileum’s solution has the capability to protect the operator based on its signaling data but also cross this info with worldwide signaling info coming from Mobileum’s extensive footprint. Mobileum’s recognized data science capability, will give CSPs an accurate and up to date protection for the most recent fraud and attacks for zero day threat detection.

Security - The first line of defense

Discover what are the security challenges in telecom signaling and how Mobileum addresses them.

Increase your Security Maturity with other products in our Portfolio.

SMS Firewall
Our SMS Firewall has a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that allow MNOs to fight grey route threats coming from SIM farms and other bad actors having also the capability to provide MNOs with a safe, spam-free network environment that their subscribers can trust.
CLI Spoofing Fraud
Mobileum's fraud management systems are able to fight this deceptive practice, also known as 'CLI spoofing', intended to commit impersonation fraud, inter-carrier wholesale fraud, as well as to practice spam based on pre-recorded messages.
Pen Testing
Mobileum’s pen testing service provides carriers the ability to understand whether their network is secure from unauthorized access or other malicious activity.

Security as a key differentiator for 5G connectivity

Building an inherently secure 5G system requires a holistic effort. As mobile network operators (MNOs) upgrade their networks to support 5G capabilities and IoT applications, new security considerations will come into play. Mobileum’s 5G-ready firewall prevents cyberattacks from successfully targeting mobile network services, IoT devices and subscribers; providing carriers with a robust level of security for today’s 5G digital economy.

On the Radar - Ovum Report

Mobileum offers a signaling firewall with upgrade to secure standalone 5G.

An industry-recognized leader

As a leading provider within the telecom security market, Mobileum operates in many countries across the globe, meeting a variety of sector-specific requirements. We are recognized by our peers and customers for delivering innovative solutions to our industry. Our firewall is a winner.