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Digital Leads Generator

Create subscriber segments based on usage and behavioral profile

Personalization can deliver better customer experience and higher business value

Marketing teams require tools to size the markets for their digital content and services, identify the target customers for campaign efforts, and leverage customer data insights to forge partnerships with external brands.

Digital Leads Generator is a solution designed for telco marketing and campaign departments. Leveraging a rich database comprising of digital consumption, CRM, and billing attributes, marketing and campaign teams can generate leads for up-selling and cross-selling, and precisely match their campaign offer catalog to the right subscribers.

Mobileum Digital Leads Generator allows you and your team to instantly create subscriber segments based on usage and behavioral profiles and generate leads for campaign opportunities.
Deliver better customer experience

Pinpoint customer segments with hyper-granular traits

Mobileum Digital Leads Generator is a dual-purpose solution, serving both as a campaign audience creator and as a database experimentation tool.

The solution extends beyond the typical audience creation functionality — not only does it enable managers to identify the right subscribers for a particular campaign, but it also serves as a dynamic profiling tool that allows marketing and campaign management teams to perform quick experimentations within their customers’ attributes database. It helps understand consumer behaviors and preferences, leading to better profiling and definition of customer segments.
Pinpoint customer segments

Leads generation for campaign optimization and data monetization

Digital Leads Generator features an interactive User Interface (UI) that enables campaign managers to quickly query a database of rich and detailed customer attributes to pinpoint the subscribers for which each campaign message will best resonate and best match the campaign offer catalog to the right audience.

You can easily compare the results of each query and quickly evaluate the impact of criteria refinement on the size of the target pool. Once the target audience is identified, you can export the leads for immediate action. Post-campaign, the solution enables you to assess the impact on the subscriber base’s digital behavior by understanding changes to the usage trends.
Campaign optimization and data monetization

Digital Leads Generator Datasheet

Learn more how Mobileum helps CSPs create subscriber segments based on usage and behavioral profile, and achieve higher campaigns ROI.

Boost revenues

Digital Leads Generator enables you to achieve higher campaign ROI, by better matching leads and propositions for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, and to monetize your data to increase your external revenue streams by running customer acquisition campaigns for third parties.
Boost revenues

Micro-segmentation in less than 60 seconds

Digital Leads Generator allows campaign managers and marketers to return a query result in less than 60 seconds for databases of over 120,000,000 subscribers when it might require several hours or even days with traditional big data solutions.

The solution is powered by Mobileum Deep Network Analytics (DNA) and its evolved Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, which enables rich signatures for web and applications, providing deep details on the digital consumption patterns of individuals.
Micro-segmentation in less than 60 seconds

6 ways you can increase revenues with Mobileum Digital Leads Generator

Discover new customer segments
and verify campaign and marketing hypotheses.
Perform dynamic profiling
by running, combining, and comparing multiple queries.
Match offerings to the right audience
by iterating and refining queries, and exporting the leads.
Optimize targeting
by quickly iterating queries and comparing the impact of changes in qualification criteria.
Monetize your data
by generating leads for partner merchants and enterprises.
Evaluate and rebalance partnerships
by assessing the reach of different channel partners.